Thursday, October 3, 2013

Potato Update

So if you've read all of my blog you know that potatoes kick my ass so try as I might I keep away from them, however and this is a big HOWEVER, there are times when I'm preparing the normal meal for my family (prior to preparing my abnormal one lol) when I will "sneak" something.

Last night was one of those times, but the sneak turned into a full blown let's just go ahead and eat these baked fries like they were prepared for me. Pretty ballsy move for me I know. Here's what used to happen when I would eat potatoes:

Hardcore malaise
itchy eyes
swelling of my lids (if I went overboard on potatoes meaning more than a handful of chips, fries, etc.)

Here's what happened last night:

Hardcore malaise (with drooling) lol I mean my ass was knocked out. NO surprise here. But that was it! No itchy or swelling of the eyes. While I still experienced a reaction it was not bad compared to what usually happens. This, to me, is evidence that I am healing even more. Not completely healed but nonetheless symptoms that were manageable .  Indulging in a deep sleep isn't bad I mean who doesn't like to nap?  Had I eaten the fries earlier in the day it would of sucked being that sleepy especially if I had to drive or work on some sort of project where I had to use my brain. Since I ate them rather late in the evening it timed perfectly to when I should be sleeping anyways lol.

I feel like it is really important that after some time of being on the enzymes and additional supplements we need to step out of our comfort zones and try things that we know are usually no-no's just to "test" our bodies. Once we begin healing we can add more foods back into to our diets. But if we don't at least try we will never know right?

I DO know though that I need to quit being so lazy and waiting to the last minute to replenish my enzymes when I am getting low. While my supplier offers exceptionally great prices she is very slow at shipping sometimes waiting upwards of 3-5 days before she ships. I'm currently facing this problem right now (yes my fault) sooo I am currently going rogue and not taking my broad spectrum enzyme Digest Gold, because I'm out!!!! However I am still have plenty of my Vira Stop left. So when this happens one can expect to be quite gassy. :0  Which is NEVER fun. Hopefully I won't have to go more than a week without them but it's looking like I just might :(. DON'T let this happen to you! I'm actually kind of pissed at myself because I have been doing so good and I feel like taking off a week or more of these might set me back. See, laziness is not a good thing!  I ordered two bottles this time to help me deter from my lazy ways next time!

BTW my supplier has relocated from Ebay to Amazon. You can find the Digest Gold here please take note that even though the picture doesn't show that it contains ATPRO it does, because it you read in the description she has it in there.  It's cheaper to order 2 bottles than separately. She also carries Vira Stop at a great price. I in no way get compensated for listing her as a supplier or any type of kick back I'm just trying to help you find these enzymes at a great price. If you find any other suppliers with better pricing do share with us!

Until next time sicko's!!  Stay healthy and happy!