Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fit Babz Toody Tanks

Ok so I know the title of this post is a little "weird" but anyone that has read my blog knows I am a huuuge fitness buff (aka gym rat) so I kicked off a lil' biz called Fit Babz where I have recently launched a few Toody Tanks (short for tanks with attitude). I will be adding much more products in February so check back to my website often!  I'm also on FACEBOOK.

Fit Babz aside....I wanted to let everyone know that yes I am still very much "active" on here so for those of you hesitant to leave a comment requiring additional information for fear I will not see it "have no fear" The Histamine Intolerant Chick is here (too over the top?) Or continue to just email me like most have whatever works for you :).  I usually try to answer emails within 72 hours of receiving them but most likely it will be closer to 12-24 hours.

I hope all is well with all you little sickos! I still remain "healed" only taking one ViraStop per night before bed and that's if I remember.  I like to still take these as a preventative measure so protein never has a chance to build up again and wreak havoc on my intestinal wall! 

I love to hear from you all thank you for everyone that has shared their stories with me and don't forget to keep me updated on your ongoing treatment!

Much love, health and happiness!