Monday, January 27, 2014

Cutting down on Supplements...

Things are going so well I am truly blessed that I was able to self diagnose and heal myself regarding my histamine intolerance by doing dedicated research until my eyes went crossed! I've said it before but I'll say it again, I wanted to start this blog to make it a one stop shop for all of those with histamine intolerances so they could find valuable info all in one place without having to search the web for months.  I hope I was able to help at least one person through my journey.

It has probably taken me a total of 1 year (after I self diagnosed) to heal my gut and be able to start eating those things that I once enjoyed.  I can happily say that I now eat anything I want without having to take a Histame pill prior (these little puppies were expensive as well as hard to get because they were always sold out.) So I now am able to eat tomatoes, avocado and items that contain baking soda/powder. Eggs and chocolate.  I'm too scared to have any alcohol without at least popping a zyrtec prior but I hardly ever drink so it's not a big deal.

I have started to dwindle off of supplements recently just because I haven't had a histamine issue in 6 almost 7 months now plus the fact they are just a pain in the ass to have to take. So at 1 year of treatment this is what I now take:

1 Probiotic before bed every night

6 Vira Stops before bed every night (although I will be dwindling that down to just 3 per day, by having one in between meals)

6 borage oil capsules (I mostly take these more religiously just before and during that time of month because of my endometriosis, but because it's for inflammation in the body in general I try to take it during other times too).

I just stopped taking my Digest Gold last week, honestly because I ran out (lol) and too lazy to reorder...I know I know stop judging me.  LOL.  But I believe that these were enzymes that mostly worked on carbs etc. My downfall was almost entirely because of undigested proteins in my gut so the ViraStop's take care of that and take care of it well. So I am just going to take those from now on. Not to mention it saves me a shit ton in money using just one type of enzyme per day.

I haven't taken any Zyrtec in the last several days and have been fine, so I am thinking I will stop those too only to resume during allergy season which here in Florida is around February and October, so I guess I will be taking them again next month...ugh!!  I have noticed I sleep much better now that I am no longer taking the Zyrtec. I used to wake up several times a night like anywhere between 3-6 times. I'm not sure if there is a correlation there or not but I've been sleeping through the night now that I'm off of them.

I can only hope that this remission or complete healing that I am experiencing continues and the histamine never returns.  I will keep you updated further if things change. Thanks for visiting my blog and if you know of anyone that has this condition please forward them here for all the info they need to start on the road to healing. It is a long process but well worth it to be able to enjoy the foods you love and stop having your eyes and face swell up!! Until next time my little sickos!!!