Friday, October 14, 2016

Now that I've raved about NeoCell's MOVE MATRIX in my last post it's time to review their Joint Bursts.  These delicious chews, much like a Starburst, provide you with joint support as well as supports inflammatory response and joint hydration.

Quite honestly, I don't seem to take these as often as the MOVE MATRIX, I think mostly because I tend to forget however used in conjunction with the MOVE MATRIX does bring on EXCELLENT results.  Although you will get amazing results with using MOVE MATRIX alone indeed!  Let's go over what ingredients are in these delicious gems of goodness!

Collagen Type 2   250 mg
Turmeric Root Extract (Curcuma Longa) 82% Curcuminoids) 50mg
Hyaluronic Acid 20mg 

Now as you can see this product contains 150 mg less of the turmeric curcuminoid blend and at a 13% lower concentration.  It also contains 80 mg less hyaluronic acid than MOVE MATRIX.

I'm not purporting that using this product alone will not exhibit any results, however using this product alone may be for the ones that maybe dislike taking a pill or do not need an extra strength boost of joint and inflammatory support.  Either way they are a delicious pineapple flavor and easy as pie to take.  You can even pop them in your purse or gym bag.  It is directed to take 1 chew a day however, depending upon your pain or need I don't see how taking 2 would cause any problems at all.

This product is wheat, soy, lactose, palm oil, yeast, GMO, gluten and artificial flavor FREE which means no junk!!  Gotta love that!  Dried cane syrup and rice syrup are your sugars involved in this product delivering a total of 3 g.

I enjoy the taste and the ease of taking these and think that they put an extra oomph on the already potent MOVE MATRIX and recommend them for someone with less of joint or inflammatory problems if they choose to take these by themselves.

NeoCell has some wonderful products including excellent protein powders!  Please check out their website for all of their amazing products and where in your area you can purchase them!

Until next time, Peace, Love & Fitness!

Pain? Inflammation? You NEED this!

Okay, so I'm not 20 something or even 30 something so I can't bounce back from a workout as quickly and easily as some young kid!  As we age we develop more and more inflammation, with the foods we eat, environmental toxins and the pesticides on our foods.

Introducing NeoCell's MOVE MATRIX Advanced Joint Hydrator! It supports flexibility and mobility as well as supports a healthy inflammatory response.  I usually like to use a product for at least 30 days to see if my body responds, as some products can take up to 21 days to get into your system.  However using MOVE MATRIX I found an immediate response.  Why?  Well let's take a look at what exactly is in MOVE MATRIX to have such an immediate and strong response within the body.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 60 mg.
Glucosamine (as glucosamine sulfate) 700 mg
Collagen Type 2 750 mg
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 500 mg
Chondroitin (as chondroitin sulfate) 400 mg
Hyaluronic Acid 100mg
Move Matrix Blend  355mg  which is:

**Curcumin C3 Complex Turmeric Root extract 200mg
    (Curcuma longa) 95% Curcuminoids
** Ginger Root Powder 50mg
      (Zingiber officinale)
** Boswellia Extract 50 mg
     (Boswellia errata gum resin)
** Resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum root) 25 mg
** Pine Bark Extract (Pinus massoniana) 25 mg
** BioPerine* Black Pepper Extract 5 mg
     (Piper nigrum fruit)

other ingredients: vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, and gelatin capsule.

Allergy warning: Contains shellfish (shrimp)

I really like that this product contains black pepper, as this is essential for the turmeric to be readily absorbed by your body.  I also love that it contains resveratrol which is a strong antioxidant and helps with reversing aging, something we older folks could definitely use!  Just look at the red wine drinkers of the world! The French have great skin!  Ginger root is also great for digestion as well as inflammation so double bang for your buck there!  This product actually does more than what it was intentionally made for which is incredible!  I also like the fact that the magnesium stearate is a vegetable source.

The dosage is 5 capsules per day.  Now if you have "chronic" pain and inflammation it would be best to break this dosage up throughout the day.  However, if you feel you only need it following a strength training session, like I do, I suggest taking them all at once following the gym.  I have taken the full dose prior to training as well.  It's really up to you.  I give honest reviews regarding any product and I really, really, love this product immensely.  I can't find one bad thing wrong with it and it definitely works!  You get 30 servings per container so you'll have to replenish once monthly.

I find that I recover at least 50% faster using this product following a workout and I'm not half as sore the next day.  I also find that my elbows and wrists feel a ton better.  Which I absolutely am thankful for because I have pain in my wrists quite regularly while working out and now I experience little to none.

If you're a big ibuprofen user, this is your answer, because while ibuprofen does in fact help with inflammation it is actually BAD for you and can bring about serious health complications such as stroke, increased risk of heart attack, ulcers,  and gastritis.

Daily pain and inflammation is very real for most Americans do to many factors including diet.  A study done back in 2006 called Voices of Chronic Pain Survey taken by the American Pain Foundation came up with these results:

51% reported that they feel helpless to control their pain, 59% reported a significant impact on the quality of their lives, and 70-86% of all participants reported symptoms of depression, insomnia, poor cognitive function and chronic fatigue.

Stop the merry go round of pain today and the future risk of health complications by giving up your ibuprofen for a natural approach using a turmeric and curcumin blend.

Depending on where you purchase your MOVE MATRIX you'll be paying anywhere from 19-27.00 per bottle.  Since I'm a huge Amazon fan you can get a bottle here

This, by far has been my favorite product so far to review.  I truly love NEOCELL products in general, however this one is my absolute favorite.  Please check out the many great products they offer here they have a list there that will tell you where to find their products in your area.  Good luck and stay healthy and inflammation free!  After all, inflammation IS THE ROOT OF ALL DISEASE!

Peace, Love and Fitness!