Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fit Babz Toody Tanks

Ok so I know the title of this post is a little "weird" but anyone that has read my blog knows I am a huuuge fitness buff (aka gym rat) so I kicked off a lil' biz called Fit Babz where I have recently launched a few Toody Tanks (short for tanks with attitude). I will be adding much more products in February so check back to my website often!  I'm also on FACEBOOK.

Fit Babz aside....I wanted to let everyone know that yes I am still very much "active" on here so for those of you hesitant to leave a comment requiring additional information for fear I will not see it "have no fear" The Histamine Intolerant Chick is here (too over the top?) Or continue to just email me like most have whatever works for you :).  I usually try to answer emails within 72 hours of receiving them but most likely it will be closer to 12-24 hours.

I hope all is well with all you little sickos! I still remain "healed" only taking one ViraStop per night before bed and that's if I remember.  I like to still take these as a preventative measure so protein never has a chance to build up again and wreak havoc on my intestinal wall! 

I love to hear from you all thank you for everyone that has shared their stories with me and don't forget to keep me updated on your ongoing treatment!

Much love, health and happiness!


  1. Hello Dani, I am currently histamine intolerant and are taking the necessary supplements. I will add in the digestive enzymes and zinc as I am not doing that. Probiotics seem to give me pain throughout my body probably from histamine reaction. I am currently dairy,sugar , gluten and yeast free and only eat whole organic non gmo foods. Not sure if I have leaky gut as I am not constipated or have diarrhea but afraid to take probiotics. The jarrow one brought on all kinds of pain. Seeking health has a low histamine one but does not have the infant is in it which I know us probably the best strain. If I have leaky gut can I cure myself with enzymes and supplements and leave off the probiotics? If not, does't your ultimate flora have other strains in it that could be a problem? Can I take probiotics If I am dairy sensitive?

  2. The ultimate flora I was originally taken changed its formula so yes it now contains strains HI people cannot take. You will have to search out a probiotic that contains the strains that HI people can take as niw that I'm healed I take the probiotics that contain contain the strains HI people cannot have so quite honestly I don't know of any certain brand that doesn't contain the HI strains off the top of my head but I know they do exist and are unfortunately quite expensive. Again you will have to do your research to find them. You can try to heal yourself without a probiotic but I highly recommend that you don't because it's very important to take to be healed completely. You mention that you don't think you have leaky gut however if you have HI you DO have leaky gut as this is how the condition starts. You may not have HI at all you could have mast cell disorder which can mimic HI but isn't caused by leaky gut. You may want to look into that disorder as that is much more serious and in extreme cases can even cause death. Before taking anymore supplements you may want to seriously read up on it. Regarding if you can take probiotics if your dairy sensitive from what I've read and heard from a couple of my blog readers you can. The enzymes are SUPER important to heal HI so please start those ! Thanks for your comment and I wish you much health!

    1. Hi Dani, I did research but there is no infantis strain that is dairy free except the ultimate flora senior 30!billion rts formula. This has infantis, Longum, breve, lactis a and lactis b and bifido something. Is this one ok for ht? natren has one that is just infantis strain but they are cows milk or goat milk and I think dairy gives me pain but I am not allergic just a sensitivity do I am a little reluctant to try it. I would prefer that one since it is just infantis. Looking forward to your thoughts. Congrats on doing so well. Also is the gold digest with atpro ok for ht? Atpro seems to be added into the formula.

    2. I will also check into mast cell disorder as I forgot to mention earlier

    3. Unfortunately with HI it's a try and see thing with every food or even supplement because everyone can and will react differently. If you are adamant about trying the one with just the infantis strain then try it and see what happens. The digest gold with ATPRO is fine that is actually the one I started to use midway because it was easier to find. But definitely do both the digest gold and Virastop just start out very slowly because you will have a horrible die off effect if you don't. please refer to my blog entry regarding supplements to start using now for instructions on how to start slow with the enzymes. Thank you and keep me updated with your results! ☺️