Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Success Stories are So Awesome

I never knew when I started this blog some time ago that I would have gotten so many emails from people going through what I once was going through. So it's always a wonderful feeling every time someone emails and says that the protocol I recommend is working or has completely cured them.

Case in point, Kay, who is an avid follower of my blog and who I feel I know better than most of my blog followers because she has kept me in the loop since day 1 of the treatment I recommend on here. So when I received a comment from her yesterday telling me of her success I was just elated. I know so many times, if not every time, someone out there in web space comes up with a successful treatment that helped them cure everything from acne to toe nail fungus (ewww lol) and they always want to "sell" you something like their E-book or even muster up some products of their own to sell you. There's even some out there making money off Histamine Intolerant info, whether it be with cookbooks, E-books, or pushing a product they get a kick back on.  I didn't want to be like that because I feel if I have the power of knowledge of something that I know works why not share it with everyone for FREE....I will NEVER sell my readers any supplement or ebook regarding my journey or my protocol you will find it all on my blog for nothing but your time to commit to reading and of course going through the regimen.  Actually when I first started this blog it was my wish that if I could only help one person it would make it worth it.  So I am beyond words that it has become more than one person. 

I'm very excited for Kay that she is starting to enjoy the foods that once kicked her ass into oblivion. I have included the following comment (see below) that she left in regards to her success in hopes that it will inspire you to keep on with your enzymes and to be vigilant so you, too, will be like Kay and experience life again.  Kudos to Kay and I wish her much success and health! 

Hi Dani!!

So it is finally here, month 7 of taking your supplements and almost 12 months sticking to low-hist diet (which is SO hard and I am tired of being the irritating chick at the restaurant table with all the special requests, lol!) I have to say I am feeling GREAT. I still get a little fatigue after I eat (so I cut down on portion sizes as you suggested in another post) but nothing crazy like before, but haven't had a migraine in about 9 months, brain fog and moods are so much better. I am still a little scared to go back to a normal diet but at Thanksgiving I had a little bit of stuffing, turkey and pumpkin pie and felt fine!!! :-))

At this point I am taking about 3-5 virastops, 4 probiotic, 3 digest golds, Zinc, Borage Oil (I have actually also used Evening Primrose Oil when I couldnt get my hands on Borage and it seemed to help too) & I still take Quercetin as an antihistamine and it also gives me natural energy, I pretty much cut off everything else and it seems to be working for me, I am so excited!! Thanks for all your help and advice during this journey, I dont think I am in the clear just yet but I know I am so much better thanks to you. I have also significantly cut back on grains and am now OBSESSED with Quest Bars! :-D

This blog has been like a bible for me ever since I found it and have referred back to it on countless occasions on my road to recovery and I am so grateful to you. I was drowning in the excess of contradicting "studies" and I just needed someone who had been there to tell me what the F to do. So thank you so much for taking the time. I still will take my supplements for a bit more and slowly start incorporating normal foods and see how things go.

Anyway just wanted to update you and everyone else that your process also worked for me too, I wish everyone else luck on their journey!


  1. Hi, I'm currently suffering with HIT. Your blog is awesome and much appreciated.
    I think my use of anti histamine is the major cause of HIT.
    I would go to the garden and get hayfever and immediately use anti histamine and get instant relief. Think this cause my body to keep trying to produce more histamine. Now I'm overload, it been a terrible few months.

  2. That's horrible I wish you the best with your healing plan. I highly recommend trying my protocol and see how you do. Yes stay away from Benadryl that contains a histamine liberator sodium benzoate. A lot of foods contain sodium benzoate as well.

    Good luck and thank you for visiting my blog 😊


  3. This is great feedback and I'm really happy for Kay's health improvements. Read some of the dialogue between you too from back in 2013. It's pretty awesome that you put together a successful protocol and get to hear about it working for others. Thank you for not charging us sickos.

    I have a question...What are your thoughts on holy basil as an h2 blocker. I intuitively feel that Zantac will work against me since I already don't produce enough stomach acid. Thanks in advance if you can get back to me.

    1. I apologize for the super late response I just now saw your question ☹️. I never looked into using Holy Basil as the Zantac worked for me. If you do not produce enough stomach acid I would suggest using Betaine HC1 Caps with Pepsin. I have a blog entry regarding not producing enough acid and how to begin taking Betaine to test how much you'll need to take. Hope that helps.

  4. I'm curious too Jessica Jackson. I have been sipping it the last few days. But I'm having a flare up and I can't tell if it's working.

    Good news is I haven't had a reaction to it.


  5. Replies
    1. You are on my blog. You can click on the oldest blog entry and that's where it starts. Click on the year 2013. Thank you for visiting 😊

  6. I've been suffering with hives since 1992 I'm almost 51 years old. For years I had no flare-ups, and for the last two-and-a-half to three years they have been the size of bread plates and dinner plates. I am miserable I'm Ill I'm testy, I can't sleep, I feel like I'm losing my mind please help

    1. Please read through all of my blog entries starting with 2013 there is much info there for you. 😊