Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kale Chip Recipe

I love kale .....I love kale.....I love kale....

Hey did I mention I loooooove kale??? The best part about me loving kale is it was a "safe" food for me when I was sick.

Many of you probably already have done this but I'm going to post it anyways because, well it's my blog and I can. Haha.

You can make these either in your food dehydrator or the oven.  I prefer the oven it's quicker and I don't have to lug out that big ass dehydrator of mine from the pantry.

Oven Baked Kale Chips

Set oven on 350 degrees

On a large baking pan place ORGANIC (kale is on the dirty dozen list) kale. I buy mine already pre-bagged and washed (lazy ....yup).

Being careful to remove the leaves from the "stalk" in the center. You can place the kale leaves right onto the baking pan or if you're lazy (that would be me) you can line it with foil.

Once you've lined the pan with the kale spray olive oil on top of the leaves, I do this generously because I'm an olive oil whore, but if you have to watch your caloric intake just a few spritzes will do. For those that cannot tolerate olive oil, organic coconut oil can be used.

Now this is where it gets tricky. When I was sick I would only use garlic powder and sea salt. Which was plenty deelish. However if you can tolerate more seasonings feel free to explore your creative cooking diva and use whatever floats your boat, anything from sweet to savory.

Some ideas: Chili powder, Smoked paprika, onion powder, Mrs. Dash blends (any of them) I like the chicken one. Cinnamon, nutmeg, Stevia......and on and on.

Bake for 15-20 minutes depending on how kick ass your oven is. I personally prefer only about 10-15 minutes because I like mine only slightly crispy.

Viola your done....easy peasy, didn't break a nail, didn't break a sweat! These babies go for like 6 bucks a bag in the health food stores....REALLY? Pffft! I can make a shit ton for less than that and now so can you!



  1. Hi Dani,

    I've read all your blog posts and there seems to be a light on the horizon after seeing your success. I immediately ordered Digest Gold and Vira Stop. I also had very good symptom relief results with anti mycotics.
    I actually have two questions.
    1. Do you only take Vira Stop before bed time or also in between meals during the day?
    2. Technically you didn't heal yourself but you are still relying on Vira Stop to be symptom free?

    Thanks and greetings from Germany!

  2. Hi Fabian thank you for visiting my blog. To answer your first question for me NOW I only take one before I go to bed just for maintenance. However when you are just starting out and are sick you will need to take in between meals as well. Please start out extremely slow with the Vira Stop it WILL make you flu like if you do not because of the die off. So start out with one per day for like 3 days then take 2 per day for three days then go from there. When I was sick I got up to taking almost 10 per day. Choking down the majority of those before bed (6). To answer your second question, no I HAVE healed myself completely I just take 1 Vira Stop before bed for maintenance so I don't have this problem again in the future. Because as we age our ability to produce enzymes naturally diminish. Sadly we will all be on enzymes for the rest of our lives and not just the sickos either lol it should be all people when they get a bit older for that reason. Even if I don't take them I'm fine as it takes a while to get leaky gut to begin with. It's just if you use a maintenance dose you don't ever have to worry about it happening.

  3. Hi Dani, I started to get spots on my back, really itchy in 2011 & was put on antibiotics for 9 mnths, since then i've suffered with skin changes, rashes, spots on my face, itchy blotchy tops of my arms, pulse in ear when I lay down(that has gone now oddly). Then I suffered an unreal amount of stress for about 6mnths straight, I was losing concentration, couldn't remember things, was so tired all the time & just wanted to lay down in a dark room. On top of that because it gave me short term relief, I basically ate choc & crisps (potato chips to u) for like maybe a year straight at work throughout the day! I'd go home after work & get straight into bed just utterly depressed & weepy. My skin got worse, rashing then through stressing about it & crying ALL the time, I eventually had an entire face full of spots!! My doc said just adult acne but I was convinced was something else as my face would swell & i'd get a burning/needle type sensation, then I noticed my face would flush with certain foods like hot foods/drinks & eggs in particular. A dermi diagnosed me with rosacea. I was wondering if a histamine intolerance could bring this on? Or maybe I have both? I rash with potatoes, eggs, sometimes fruit. As soon as I came off potatoes & fruit & took a probiotic my skin looked & felt different but right now I'm eating turkey & veg morning noon & night & it's depressing! I have endometriosis too btw. Just interested in your thoughts? Trying to find a happy medium between a rosacea diet (no tomatoes, berries, preservs, cooked meats etc) with a low histamine diet is just impossible!

    1. Hi Emily, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry to hear of the challenges you have been facing. It is quite frustrating trying to figure out what's wrong with yourself, I know. Doctors looking at you like you're half crazed throwing nothing but more drugs at you. Your case is perplexing to say the least. I would have to agree that it sounds like rosacea is one of your issues. I also think that histamine is also playing a role of some sort as well and quite possibly severe allergies to something you're using, breathing etc. Which can cause the body to have an auto immune response within. Essentially turning your own body against you making you ill in a myriad of ways. Have you tried Kinesiology? Muscle testing could work wonders in trying to pin point what your body is finding offensive including perfumes, chemicals etc. It may not be that you have full blown histamine intolerance especially since it appears you can tolerate most fruits (albeit the berries and tomatoes because of the rosacea issue). But, because of whatever you're having a severe allergic reaction to the histamine can and will exacerbate the situation further. I'm not sure what age you are but if you are in your mid to late 40's perimenopause could be playing a factor as well especially with the weeping etc. Hormones wreak havoc on our bodies and even play a part in our allergies. Our skin condition is a tell tale sign of what is going on inside our bodies, so if you have severe acne this is a wake up call that you are toxic inside. This comes from ingesting pesticides, breathing in xenoestrogens (air fresheners), parabens on the skin, you name it, it all builds up inside and our liver can no longer clean our blood of the bad estrogens and so it doesn't filter out properly therefore coming out the lungs and the skin causing acne etc. There are several things I would suggest for you and honestly the histamine intolerance part I feel isn't the problem (but the histamine is irritating the auto immune response inside your body, yes). I would start out with finding a kinesiologist and schedule muscle testing she will have a list of chemicals, foods etc. that she/he will read off as they muscle test you. I also would look into getting a thermography done, this procedure is non evasive and will show inflammation in the body and get a better look at where these areas are, what could be causing them and point you in a direction on how to help it, a thermography will also show a stagnant lymph drainage system which you may even be dealing with here as well, yours might be backed up causing toxic sludge in your body. I would also suggest a saliva hormone testing (you can order this online for under $100). Blood hormone testing is crap and won't be accurate. I've gotten mine from ZRT Laboratory. They send you the vials you spit in them and send them off and get your results. I think this will help you decipher if you are experiencing a hormone imbalance and what it is your lacking. Since you have endometriosis you are going to have an excess of estrogen in your body which is not good because cancer is driven by estrogen.

    2. - Part 2
      Aside from the testing, I would recommend a whole food diet eating only FRESH everything, no leftovers no chemical laden foods etc. just clean, whole food. You may even attempt a liver flush and colon cleanse. Some would say (Dr. Hulda Clark) that parasites wreak havoc in the body and cause malaise and all sorts of joint pain etc. A parasite cleanse is an inexpensive and relatively painless aside from popping tons of capsules lol. I've always ordered my parasite cleanses from her website. Just google Dr. Hulda Clark parasite cleanse and all the info will pop up. Basically bottom line is to clean out your body of all the sludge in there and start fresh. I would also recommend dry brushing daily before showering to get your lymph drainage system running normal. You can google dry brushing to see the correct way to do it. Unfortunately directing you on EXACTLY what foods to eat for a low histamine diet would be complicated as everyone is soooo different at what they react to. So you can start by downloading my list here on my blog and work off of that one and just figure out which of the foods work for you. I also would NOT eat the same thing everyday at every meal, you are SURE to develop an intolerance for those foods. You can actually make yourself allergic to food and this is the way you do that. So you need to do a four day rotation diet. Pick the foods that you CAN eat and divide them up into 4 days making a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu hang it on your fridge so you know which day your on then rotate back to day 1 this will ensure you do not develop an intolerance at the same time allowing you to eat what little food you can (I personally got down to only 10 foods or so that I could eat.)
      I know this was a huge amount of information and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. I try to answer all questions within 72 hours or less. I wish you much health and happiness.

    3. Emily, I also wanted to add that being on antibiotics for so long has more than likely messed your body up too. Just a huge overload for your liver too. A liver cleanse may do you some good here. It's cheap and easy. You can find out "how to" also by googling "Hulda Clark liver cleanse". it's not fun to do but everyone should do one at least once per year but optimally twice a year. Good luck.

  4. Not sure if it was mentioned but a supplement called DIM helps the liver get rid of excess estrogen. It's made up of some sort of component from the cruciferous family. My integrative doc has me on it because histamine and estrogen rise together. When my estrogen levels are at their highest I'm also feeling crazy from histamines and can barely tolerate any foods. Just thought I'd share since I read some comments about estrogen clogging up the liver.