Sunday, December 22, 2013

Well Hello, It's Been Awhile!

It seems I've been on hiatus from my blog the last two months, busy with the holiday hoopla I suppose. I do, however, have an awesome update that I do want to share in my getting well from this awful histamine intolerance!

I have still, to date, been relentless with the chocolate because my favorite protein bar is just that, chocolate. I've discussed this previously that it was hard for me to totally give chocolate up just for this simple reason. I don't eat it in candy etc. just my protein bar and I can't give up that extra 20 grams of protein per bar, especially because I lift weights. So with that being said I usually eat anywhere from 3 to 5 bars per day. I know, a little overboard but just convenient! These being Quest bars, are extremely healthy and have almost no sugar and the fiber eats up all up 2 carbs so these are awesome!  I have had no reaction once so ever from these.

I have been on my Zyrtec twice a day, and still take my Digest Gold before I take my first bite at any meal and of course my probiotic once before bed as well as my ViraStop once before bed. I take 3 ViraStops, 1 probiotic, and about 2-3 Digest Golds. Please refer to my supplement post to make sure you are ingesting the "right" probiotic.

It has been 5 months now since I've had a reaction as far as my eyelids swelling up like someone just punched me in the face. However along the way I have had some malaise. Initially potatoes would still make me want to sleep but now I have no problem with ingesting potatoes.  I still consume coffee once per day with no problem as well. I can now even eat ketchup (although I don't do too much because of the sugar content) with no problem at all. This is very exciting news because tomatoes would always jack my face up :0. 

This holiday season also brought about pumpkin pies which as a histamine intolerant sicko I know is a no no. So for Thanksgiving I ate it after taking my Histame pills. But, by Christmas (I had mine early because my husband works out of the country) I ate, dare I say, almost a half of a pie without any Histame! Please bare in mind that my pumpkin pie recipe is gluten free, sugar free (I use stevia) and without butter or milk. I think, however the real test was consuming guacamole dip with chunks of tomato on top as well hummus! All homemade of course, I add chopped jalapeno's to my guacamole so it was super hot. I ingested all that without Histame and was fine!! I'm so thrilled that my enzymes have done their job and continue to. I will never stop taking my enzymes for fear I could relive this nightmare all over again. I feel that my intestinal wall is healed but could still risk a relapse should I stop taking my enzymes and go overboard on high histamine foods.

I will say, however there have been times where I still get slight malaise but not to the point I feel like it's a setback. I do keep in mind that high histamine foods such as the ones I mentioned above are not for me EVERYDAY (of course minus the coffee and my chocolate protein bars). I feel everything in moderation is a good thing and if done responsibly I should never have an "incident" again.  I still also stand by Malibu rum and coke as being the safest alcohol to consume, while not too "strong" and could be considered a foo foo drink it's still better than a swollen face.  I may at some point in the future decide to venture out to a different type of rum, one that is more strong and worth the tab at the end of the night lol. I rarely even drink or go out so when and if I do I'd like to make it at least a buzz worthy evening!

I am so pleased with my healing process no words can describe my relief in my life it's a true God send that I was able to locate all the info via the internet and combine it all and make sense of it and heal myself without the aid of doctors wanting to draw blood, run allergy tests and put me on prednisone!

I hope that you, too, heal quickly and are able to enjoy normal foods again just like me. Please continue your enzyme treatment and don't be afraid after some time on them to slowly try to incorporate high histamine foods back into your diet.  I know it's scary but a must, if you plan on ever getting better and start to enjoy the real world again. If I only help one person through my research and many trial and errors then I've made a difference!

Good luck, happy holidays and much love to all my little sicko's!!  Don't give up!


  1. Just found your blog! Great info. I can't find the probiotic supplement entry, though.

    1. Hi Gwen and thank you for visiting my blog. I hope this info has helped you or someone you know get better! The probiotic entry can be found here within my blog about supplementation. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

    2. I am new to the histamine issues and suspect it is because of Candida. I've bought one probiotic, but I reacted poorly to it. I will try yours. It helps to know what works for you. Thank you so much for the info!