Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Green Protein Smoothie Recipe

I was so happy this morning that I was able to concoct a green smoothie semi-comparable to what I used to enjoy prior to this stupid condition. Granted this new recipe NEEDS a banana but alas, my body doesn't need a banana.

So, I did the best I could with what I'm allowed to eat and to my surprise it wasn't half bad, of course I'm a weirdo and like odd tasting things so take my recipe for what it's worth and hopefully you will enjoy it too!

Ok, so as a gym rat I know that the normal protein powders are "out" because they all contain histidine (which converts to histamine). So, I found just pure hemp protein powder made by Bob Mills that does the trick for my protein needs. My smoothie contains alot less protein than I'm used to but nonetheless it's protein.

Here's what you'll need:

1/4 C. Bob Mills Hemp Protein powder (provides 12 grams of protein)
1 1/2 C. Silk Brand Almond Milk unsweetened. (any other brand contains carrageneen which is a thickener that wreaks havoc on our histamine levels, so make sure it's Silk brand)
1 organic gala apple
Approx. 4-5 stalks of organic kale
3 TBS. Organic shredded unsweetened coconut (I use Bob Mills)
2 TBS. Chia seed, to add thickness
3 packets of Stevia (Sweet Leaf brand only, all the other brands contain other shit you don't want to be ingesting histamine intolerant or not.)

Put all ingredients in your heavy duty blender, I use the NINJA looooove it. Chops up anything and everything to oblivion.

Pour and enjoy. Remember you will still taste the greens and will have texture to it but like I said I love weird stuff soooo. After about three swigs I began to enjoy it. The first swig I was desperately missing the banana but then quickly got over it.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I too make almost this exact same smoothie and also have a Ninja that I LOVE! I do also miss making the great tasting smoothies that I enjoyed so much, now days they are strictly medicinal. I do have some differences in mine if anyone is interested. I do change up my greens although kale is my fave. I also add turmeric and ginger root to all my smoothies to help inflammation and I also add coconut oil as a healthy fat and it is supposed to help heal the gut. I change it up slightly from time to time and use pears or mango and add carrot, arugula, parsley, or mint. I also chew on raw ginger daily as I hear this helps as well. It is NASTY mind you, but I am the point where I don't give a crap about taste I just want to get better.

    Im so glad that it appears I am on the right track, half the time I have no clue! It is very reassuring to know someone has gotten past this because there are times when I can't see an end. I now know I just need to stick with it and it will get better :-)

    I think I miss bananas the most!

  2. I'm back to bananas thank the Lord, and you will be too just stick with those enzymes and eating low histamine. I'm not sure if you were interested in incorporating the Zyrtec and Zantac or not but that helped me immensely in the beginning while I was trying to heal. Especially when I'd go to the gym it helped keep my histamine in check. Regarding the ginger STOP STOP sounds like a catch 22 and it very well is. Ironically most of the foods that are anti-inflammatory actually are HIGH in histamine. Please CHECK yourself before eating anti-inflammatory foods. Ginger is a HUGE no no for histamine intolerant people. I have tons of smoothie recipes however they are not low histamine so I don't post them. This was the only one that I could consume when I was sick. :)

    1. I have the same problem with histamines and I was making my self ginger tea every morning thinking that was gonna help me, I ended up on the ER with my heart beating really really fast, confused and I couldn't put together any sentence. Stay that f***ng way from ginger

  3. Thanks so much for your reply! I can't for the day to have my bananas back! Are you absolutely sure about the ginger thing? I actually read several articles along with one from the Low Histamine Chef who states ginger "is as effective as Zantac (Ranitidine), without causing any of the nasty side effects". So I am a little confused? I have been taking every day for about 2 months with no reaction thankfully! What are your thoughts on turmeric?

    Here is the link to the page from Low Histamine Chef

  4. Yes I'm aware of the Low Histamine Chef and her take on alot of issues. However she often cooks with and uses anti-inflammatory foods in her recipes even though they have higher levels of histamine which she will also state and give a warning about in case you are sensitive to these foods. So here again, a catch 22 and a contradiction. Basically if it's helping you then stick with it however it's on the list from Germany and since the doctors there are most experienced with this condition I tend to lean more toward what they have to say. But again, if it works for you and is actually helping in some way then go for it. I'm not too into "drugs" either and didn't use the Zantac for that long however I was willing to use what worked for the short term so I could keep the swellings at bay while I worked on my insides. Again, I'm not sure what your reactions are but my eyes swelled terribly to the point almost closed so I was willing to take Zantac and Zyrtec. I believe that with all the shit we breathe in just in the air we can't all escape toxins so because I live an extremely healthy lifestyle and eat well a few Zantac and Zyrtec weren't going to harm me in the long run. Just my philosophy .... You'll find that the low histamine chef incorporates a shit ton of expensive hard to find ingredients in her cook book as well as some other expensive supplements she recommends and does get a kick back from them to help support her website.

  5. Hi Dani,
    Just found your blog and am very excited to read it all. I believe I am histamine intolerant and have been following a particular list of foods to eat and not. However, I have reactions to foods even on the acceptable list. I have been to the ER three times for anaphylaxis reactions. I am wondering if you can post a link to the Germany list. Many of the lists are different. Also, I'm wondering if you are a vegetarian (vegan). I have a huge reaction to meat (even fresh) and may need to cut it out (head goes dead). But, I do worry about protein since nuts and seeds are no-nos, too. That's how I found your protein powder suggestion. Thank you so much. I, too, put ginger in my green drinks, but will now re-examine that. Thanks, Dani. I hope you're well. P.S. I'm seeing an intestinal specialist tomorrow to try to figure out why I can't digest things properly (histamine, protein). I don't know if it's low DAO, mast cell, menopause or what. Hopefully she can find an answer. I've been very ill for three years. I'll consider the Zyrtec/Zantac route, but I already tried Benadryl/Pepcid AC, which I believe caused heart tachycardia. It looks like everything is so individual and we need to try things for ourselves to see what helps.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the link is on this page along with a bunch of useful information Dani has posted that I have been living by ever since I found this blog and I have been doing great. Her supplements page is also really great too!

      Dani also mentions a lot that we are all different and we should do what works for us individually. I do see ginger on the German list listed as a "1" (Slightly incompatible. Occasional consumption of small amounts OK) and I did cut it out for a few days and decided it is actually more beneficial to me than not so I add it back into my diet along with turmeric. I did also get to a point where I reacted to everything I ate and had to deal with it for a bit while going on a strict low-histamine diet until my levels went down which takes longer than I'd like, I was so scared to eat at all! It does get better although I remember being at a place where I thought it never would!

      I pretty much follow all the other supplements Dani used religiously except instead of Zyrtec I use Quercetin for antihistamine and I only take 25mg of B6 for now but plan to increase that soon. I also take Slippery Elm because it is supposed to heal inflammation by creating a protective barrier in your gut and is a demulcent herb that soothe the mucus membranes that line the digestive system, acting as a sort of bandage and patch up the holes. At first I didn't try Zantac but I have now and I think it does help too. I have been feeling so much better ever since I have started this route.

      I have to say I refer back to this blog all the time because after a year and a half of researching it has been the most current, straightforward and helpful. I really hope you get better soon, I know this can get scary when you have no idea how to stop these crazy reactions. I live alone and get really nervous about that sometimes!

      P.S. You should try Dani's recipes and just cut out the meat, they are awesome!

    2. Hi Kay,
      Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate your advice. I have been so sick! I feel as though my mind and my body are just going to stop. My latest "thing" is vertigo. I woke up three weeks ago totally swirling. I couldn't get out of bed for two days. And, still it's continuing, although on a lower level, three weeks later. The doctor diagnosed it as inflammation of the inner ear nerve. I think it's got to be related to the histamine, as it causes inflammation and I also have frozen shoulder. She gave me a medicine, which caused a terrible migraine. My brain is totally shot--I cannot think at all! The good news is is that I just saw an Integrative MD yesterday. She is not only testing me for histamine issues, but also digestive (leaky gut, celiac, etc.). She has other patients who have similar symptoms as mine. I'm also at the point where I can't eat at all (I've lost 55 pounds). I feel wasted and so sick. Thank you, Kay, for letting me know that this can get better. I will try some of the things you have suggested. Here's to your health, too. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Truly, Elisabeth

    3. Hi Kay, thank you for visiting my blog I hope you are finding it informative. I see you've already been answered on the link to the website for the German list of no no foods :). I am not vegan however I do experience gas when I eat red meat, although I'm not as strict as I should be with taking my ViraStop (which focuses just on breaking down protein). I don't have a problem with chicken because the protein in chicken is alot easier to digest. I don't always eat meat everyday however. I probably only eat meat three to four times a week. You may want to try your nuts "sprouted" they are more easily assimilated in the body and digested better. I recommend trying sprouted almond butter (unless almonds send you into A.S.) You will notice that what works for some people may not work for you so really these lists out there are just a "guide". If you've not already read my complete blog postings I have posted the actual cause of histamine intolerance which is in fact leaky gut. Histamine intolerance is a secondary issue you get from leaky gut. So if you truly feel you are histamine intolerant I'm sure your Doc will find leaky gut with you. I healed mine with just supplements alone so I hope she doesn't try to throw drugs at you :/. The very little research that has been done does show a correlation between menopause and histamine intolerance as well as the fact that histamine intolerance is more prevalent in women. Some of your symptoms do however boggle me as I've not heard of some of them being synonymous with the condition. Brain fog unfortunately is a huuuuge factor in menopausal symptoms as well as perimenopause but is also a symptom of histamine intolerance as well. The frozen shoulder, from at least the research I've come across is not synonymous with histamine intolerance so that may be something else causing that? Inflammation in general, causes disease. So any inflammation in the body will cause some sort of ailment leading into other ailments as well. I've suggested to others as well as myself, followed the protocol of eating NO GRAINS period! Grains cause inflammation in the body so try to completely rid your diet of those if you haven't already. In the mean time eat anti-inflammatory foods (such as ginger, if your body can continue to handle it). I also suggest Borage Oil as an anti-inflammatory too. Stay away from soy, corn and sunflower oils they are all inflammatory oils. Soy in general is a real ball buster especially for women. Unfortunately it sounds like you have alot more going on here than just a histamine intolerance, if it's that at all. Because as you may know, histamine intolerance mimics a myriad of other diseases/conditions. I wish you well and please keep me updated on what the doctors end up finding. In the meantime like mentioned previously, stay away from grains, soy, and keep an anti-inflammatory diet and you may want to also look into an alkaline diet. Disease, (of any kind), cannot flourish in a body that is in a complete alkaline state. If you google the alkaline diet you will find plenty of info as well as food charts that you can print out. Again, good luck and keep me posted.

    4. I apologize Elisabeth for starting out my reply with "Kay" when I meant to say "Elisabeth" when I hit "reply" to your message to ME it put my comment under your last one in response to Kay instead of underneath the original comment to ME. So Kay was the name I saw when I glanced up so sorry. :)

  6. Dear Dani,
    Thank you so much for responding. You're right--I have a lot going on. All of my issues started three years ago when I was struck down by what was thought at that time as a stroke. Stroke meds were started for a month and then it was discovered that I did not have a stroke at all. However, no one knows what I had for sure and I have been ill ever since. The stroke meds poisoned me and started all kinds of chemical reactions in my body and I have been dealing with the symptoms from the stroke mimic and now the poisoned effects. I have been to over a dozen doctors and health practitioners who can find nothing. I have dozens of weird symptoms, brain dead, UNBELIEVABLE adrenaline, constant panic attacks, a feeling of bubbles in my body, now vertigo and more. Some of the symptoms have gotten better over time, some have gotten worse and some new ones started up. About 8 months ago, I started having symptoms of histamine reactions after eating and had to visit the ER three times. It was at this time, that I wondered if my digestive system was the source of all or at least some of my troubles. I was also going into menopause at this time, so hormones played a role. I think that the stroke mimic was a hemiplegic migraine, but because I had so many other strange symptoms, the doctors were reluctant to diagnose me with that. However, now that I'm decreasing the histamine in my system, the hemiplegic aspects of the migraine are coming out with semi-paralysis down one side and extreme trouble thinking. It's possible that my system was poisoned by not only the stroke meds but also my own gut issues, which in conjunction with hormonal changes set off a very bad series of events. My brain is fried. The Integrative MD is the only doctor who has taken me on as a whole person. Bless her! I will get my results from the tests in a few weeks. My hope is to unravel these issues one at a time. I think that they are all related, but they may need different methods of curing. I think the frozen shoulder issue is because my body is so full of inflammation because of the histamine and possible leaky gut and maybe yeast or fungal overloads. Also, the vertigo. The shoulder has been getting better and I think it is because I've been on the low-histamine diet. Unfortunately, I can hardly eat anything without a reaction, but hopefully this will change when I have a plan of action from the Integrative MD. Thank you, Dani, for all of your suggestions. They are very helpful. I wish for you improved health. Thank you so much for starting this web page. After becoming ill and researching things on-line, I was surprised at how sick so many people are with mysterious illnesses. It was very shocking. People like you who start a web page are very, very much appreciated by us all. All the best, Elisabeth

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Please let me know the update regarding your tests when you get them as I am very interested what could be going on with you. I personally recommend you getting a thermogram done this procedure can see any inflammation in the body as well as detect cancer loooong before you will have symptoms. It shows many other ailments in the body as well. Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance but I would check out who offers thermography in your area and see what prices they have. I had one done for my breast and abdomen and it cost just under $200. It sure beats getting a mammogram!! Which I have never had done nor will I. Look into that and see what you think, if anything it could aid in the other tests to help determine a diagnosis. The shoulder freezes could even be some myofascial dysfunction going on there. My abdominal thermogram came back with inflammation there which was said to be indicative of food allergies, hormonal imbalances (uh huh), and various autoimmune conditions (helloooo histamine intolerance lol) so I believe I still have left overs of the illness which is why I cannot be laxed on using my enzymes which unfortunately I have so I need to start back on them for SURE. I don't know if it was just a simple "itch" but my upper eyelid had slight itching this afternoon after eating left over hamburger meat, tomatoes and yogurt....Yes it appears after not having an issue with histamine for almost a year I'm getting cocky and I'm afraid this may be happening all over again if ever so slightly. I will keep everyone posted. It could just be "all in my head" too. LOL....It may be that I have undigested protein building up in my gut ALL OVER AGAIN!! So I'm going to immediately jump on my enzyme regimen ....before I do swell ! So this goes to show that even after almost a year with no issues not continuing on with at least the enzymes could get you into trouble again!! We shall see. Good luck to you and don't forget to let me know test results.

  7. I used Pumpkin Seed Protien Powder - Vegan. In 1/4 cup it contains30 grams of protein.

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  9. Almond milk, or any nut milk is a no, no if you're histamine intolerant. I'd suggest switching to organic coconut cream (on Amazon). You just mix it with water. All the Sylk and other store-bought milk alternatives also include various thickeners like Guar Gum, and other "Gums." These make them creamy but unfortunately they're all histamine liberators. i.e. they make your body release histamine.