Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Histame is it right for you?

Wow I bet when Histame hit the market everyone suffering from histamine intolerance yelled out "hell yea", I can eat pizza, drink wine and generally make a pig out of myself as long as I take these puppies everything will be cool. Or will it?

Histame is manufactured in Europe and is currently out of stock (go figure). If you choose to utilize this product you may want to purchase several bottles at a time as they do run out of stock frequently. I have an order myself on back order at the moment. Histame works by breaking down the histamine in your body and should be taken 15 minutes prior to ingesting a food you know is going to wreak havoc on your body.

Can you eat pizza using histame? Most can, but does that mean eat pizza daily? No. Does it mean eat the ENTIRE pizza? No. A few slices after taking a histame will help most. I must admit there are times when I take my Histame and it doesn't do shit. Then there are times when it does help but then three days later I will swell. So I'm not sure if it COMPLETELY helps in the long term as much as it may for short term usage. It's extremely expensive and when the manufacturer is out any online store that still has some in stock will jack their prices up to over $100 per bottle (sloths, I swear!). If you patiently wait for the manufacturer to make their batches you can find it from $26-$45 per bottle. Quite pricey, considering you only get 30 pills. I treat mine like gold and save them for special meals LOL. Mainly when I want to drink which isn't often. So mine last awhile.

Histame or Diaosin (another brand of the same product) contain DAO, the enzyme we lack or are low in that breaks down histamine. They get this DAO from the kidneys of pigs. Yea pretty gross when you think about it and if you are a vegan good luck on finding anything else to use.

I sometimes feel that these pills aren't that great at least for me because like I already said I still react just on a later date. Sooo it's up to you whether or not you feel the need to pay the high price for this product or not.

I've even contemplated taking one pill per day just for the hell of it just to get a regular "flow" of DAO into my system but haven't yet decided if it would be cost effective, considering all of the other supplements I take and how much they're costing me.

So that's it for now....I've got some pretty cool low histamine recipes coming up so stay tuned!

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  1. Just wanted to weigh in on this topic if anyone is interested in my experience. I stumbled on Histame website during my research of my symptoms. It is where the light bulb went off in my head and I realized I had Histamine Intolerance. At this point I was having full blown symptoms any time I ate ANYTHING at all. Waiting for my bottle to come in seemed to take forever! Anyway at this point of my illness I took 2 at every meal and it did help a lot but did not eliminate all my symptoms. As Dani mentioned they are really expensive and so one bottle would only last me 5 days but I was desperate (that's how they get cha!) and kept buying them. After some time I stumbled across a product called Histamine Block by the company called Seeking Health. It is just a couple dollars more than Histame for 30 but each pill contains 10,000 HDU of the Diamine Oxidase Enzyme while each pill of Histame contains only 4,000! So I only had to take 1 and still was getting more of the enzyme than with Histame. Histamine Block is usually available on Amazon or the Seeking Health website...if you are going to spend the money I would definitely suggest buying this instead!

    I got to the point in my recovery where I realized that I needed more than DAO and diet, I needed to repair my gut. These days fortunately I am down to only taking 1 DAO supplement a day (unless I experiment with my tolerance to test my progress by trying to consume something on the no-no list) and focusing on the supplements listed on this site along with my diet. I am feeling much better than I did when I diagnosed myself in January but I am definitely not cured, I still have my days where I feel horrible, but I usually recover and bounce back in a few days whereas it used to take me 2 weeks to get my levels back down, so I know I am on the right track.

    I hope this helps someone!