Friday, August 23, 2013

Okay, so last night sucked

Sometimes I will eat stuff I KNOW I cannot eat but I always say to hell with it a little can't hurt me....yeaaaaa okay.

I have been consuming the most delicious protein bars lately "Quest bars" yum. Unfortunately most of them contain cashews or have chocolate. I've eaten them before without really having too much of an episode if at all. Yesterday was an arm/Tabata day. For those of you that are fitness buffs you know Tabata is a HIT exercise, which those of us that suffer with histamine intolerance SHOULD NOT do but I'm stubborn and refuse to get out of shape in the name of "my condition". So it could of been a myriad of things yesterday that kicked my ass by 7pm last night who knows.

So for those of you that can't understand my aforementioned ramblings, I had a chocolate brownie protein bar, did HIT, and consumed 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese with a shit ton of blueberries (the latter has never affected me before.) The protein bar and HIT was early in the morning and the cottage cheese was at about 5pm. By 7pm I got the WORST migraine, which I have NEVER had in my life. I fortunately had no idea what a migraine felt like. My head hurt so bad that every time I attempted to lift it from the couch I cried. Yes, THAT bad. I completely zonked out for 2 hours, well until my lil nuggets would scream or hit the couch playing (toddlers are awesome aren't they?).

I finally got my ass up off the couch around 10pm and felt fine. This is something I never want to relive. This surprises me because while headaches have always been a precursor to my eyes swelling it's never been the main event for me. I went to bed last night fully expecting to be swelled up this morning, however it didn't happen, thank goodness because I am leaving for vacation today to do nothing but lounge by the pools at my resort and drool for a week WITHOUT my nuggets LOL. Although this doesn't mean that the eye swelling isn't "on its way" however. I will keep you posted.

Have you ever zonked out with a migraine before? If so, what do you think you ate or did prior to induce such a debilitating state?

I will be posting in a later blog regarding the whole HIT thang and why we medical doofus's can't indulge. Yes yet another thing to add to our "can't" list! 

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  1. OMG, the same EXACT thing happened to me! I too am a gym rat and decided I would go on a "clean" healthy diet and unknowingly began consuming high histamine items like strawberries, avocado, papayas, bananas, spinach, you get the idea. I almost immediately started feeling funny but never thought in a million years these "healthy" food would be the problem so I continued on. I finally got my first migraine with aura that I ever had in my entire life and the pain was INSANE, then I would pass out then wake up suddenly hours lately feeling fine. It was so scary!! I think it was a combo of working out and consuming a green smoothie with a bunch of no-no items like the things I listed above with protein powder, etc. It is reassuring to see that I am not a lunatic and this condition is real. Thank you!