Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cabbage Stir Fry with Ground Beef and Sweet Peppers

Being that I'm only able to eat about 10 things my menu can get pretty mundane and boring. Spices are limited to ooooh NONE. I can only have garlic powder, sea salt, mint and basil to season my wonderful hodge podge of foods. I tend to use fresh basil and fresh mint.

This particular recipe is fairly quick and very yummy and satisfying, here is what you will need:

Organic Cabbage
Organic Sweet peppers (I buy these in a giant bag at my local supermarket containing baby peppers in red, yellow and orange)
Organic Fresh basil
Organic Fresh mint
Lean or Extra lean ground beef FRESH

Depending on if you are cooking for just yourself or a group of histamine freaks like me will gauge how much of the above ingredients you will use/need. I've never been good at giving measurements and such in recipes (hence why I can't bake worth a shit) I'm more of a throw this in, throw that in kind a gal. Generally I use about a half head of cabbage and cut up about 6 baby peppers and several leaves each of basil and mint. I also will use about 4-6 oz of ground beef depending on how hungry I am.

Start by spraying your large frying pan with olive oil then heat the pan slightly before adding in your chopped and rinsed cabbage, sprinkle with garlic powder and seal salt OR you can use fresh elephant garlic TONS of it! Stir fry cabbage until it turns a slight brown or "carmalizes". Then add beef and stir fry until it's browned. Add in peppers last and stir fry for another 2 minutes just enough to warm the peppers (I like texture in my meals so I don't like to "cook" the peppers). Remove from pan and top with fresh basil and mint.

I put mine in a giant Thai bowl and pig out in front of the TV yum! If you have left over freeze them IMMEDIATELY.

Next time I make this I will post a pic to this entry so you can actually see the delicious goodness of my recipe LOL. In the meantime, use your imaginations of how awesomely delicious this "would" look.

Enjoy your weekend sicko's!! I know I won't,  I've got piles of laundry to do, oh the joy, it makes me wish they'd invent throw away clothing kind of like paper plates!

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  1. Made this one too yesterday except I used chicken because I had ground beef the day before and it was still delicious, I haven't been using cabbage very much but now I have another ingredient to add to the mix. Didn't have mint but was still delish with just the basil. I did get a little excited about finding 2 new recipes on this site and made them a day apart not thinking about the fact that they were both cruciferous veggie heavy so I was pretty "tooty" the day after if ya know what I mean. TMI, I know but I am trying to save anyone else out there from making the same mistake so I mean well.