Monday, September 30, 2013

Supplement for Inflammation

Okay so this is going to be a super quick entry tonight but I realized I never included this in my earlier supplement entry and very well should have! Shame on me ...

Inflammation caused those damn holes in our intestinal walls to begin with which caused our leaky gut which then ultimately caused our histamine crap. Inflammation in the body equals disease anyways so keeping it at bay will help us to stay healthy or at least not to get anymore damn diseases!

So you will want to pay close attention to anything that could further cause inflammation in the body and those things would be foods. What foods?

Well the main dudes responsible for inflammation in the body are grains so get off of'em already!! I absolutely quit grains a few months back so that may have helped me get better these days. But regarding supplements I wanted to tell you that Borage oil GLA-240 is great! I personally take 4 per day. I prefer Jarrow brand and you can find it at, or I order my protein bars through Vitacost so I just add in a bottle of 120 pills when I'm low with that order. You can google to find them cheaper but I pay 15.49 per bottle for mine.

Okay so that's it (oh and if you're a chick, it's great for female issues as well like endometriosis which ironically is caused by histamine intolerance, go figure!)

Have a great week my little sicko's!!

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  1. Can you please share how many MG and brand you took? I just bought some that are 1000mg, should i take 4 of those per day?