Saturday, September 14, 2013

Delicious Potato Alternative

So if you've been reading my blog you know that potatoes kick my ever loving ass into oblivion, I'm talking eyes itching (swelling up sometimes depends on how much I eat) and extreme, extreme, malaise.

This absolutely sucks because I love potatoes whether they're baked, fried or french fried I'm a lover of potatoes. So I thought and thought what could I use in place of potatoes? Plantains! Now, one with a histamine intolerance should know that hey, wait, I can't have bananas so how in the world can I have a freakin' plantain genius, they're in the banana family! Well it's true they are, however, for me personally, I tolerate them quite well. I have no reaction after consuming them at all. It may be because they are considerably high in vitamin C, as vitamin C is a cofactor for making DAO in our systems which helps break down histamine. The plantain is also very high in Vitamin A and is high in fiber and low in sugar. Although a plantain carries more carbs than a potato, so if you're a carb watcher then you may want to skip this delicious potato alternative.

While plantains can be "baked" I prefer them cut up and fried in olive oil over medium heat. Sprinkled with garlic powder and salt. (Maaaan I sure do miss onions). Anyhow, these come out very similar to cut up fried potatoes and taste just as delicious. They'd be even better with ketchup, but hey this isn't a perfect world we live in.

You want to make sure you purchase your plantains very green and use them when they are still green. Consuming them once they've turned yellow (ripe) may have an effect on your histamine levels as would any "ripe" fruit or veggie. Plus they get way to sugary tasting when they get yellow and ripe and loose its potato like quality/flavor.

As with any food, each histamine intolerant person may react differently so proceed with caution. It works for me and I have to be one of the most sensitive ones out there but still eat at your own risk. It's nice though to experiment with foods because if you don't then you will never expand your diet past 5 or so foods risking making your body become allergic to those foods because you eat them daily. It's really a pain in the ass isn't it??

Push on and prosper my lil' sicko's ! Enjoy your weekend!

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